CREEPY CARNIVILLE ™ Halloween Perfume Sample Set - Set #11 - Gothic Perfume - Fall Perfume - Perfume Samples - Halloween Circus

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CREEPY CARNIVILLE ™ Halloween Perfume Sample Set:

This 5 sample set is a creepy collection of Halloween and Autumn strangeness and goodness! I have designed them to be worn alone or layered together as complementary scents. Enter the town of Creepy Carniville™, created by Deep Midnight Perfumes, where every day is a haunted circus!

Each perfume oil comes in a 1 ml amber vial with a label and plastic stopper.

These perfumes are also available in the shop in full size 9 ML roll-on bottles.

This Set includes:



Take a ride if you dare, and if you double dare...take the ride after midnight strikes. Old Scratch himself might take your ticket and help you long as you plan to never get off!

This is a devilish little scent where Dark Amber, Pipe Tobacco, and Crushed Black Peppercorns, mingle with Kettlecorn, Mini Donuts and an array of Fall Spices.

This unisex perfume is a delicious, spicy, and dark semi gourmand Fall scent.



What magical and sensual delights do you see projected onto the wall of the circus tent? Will the lovely ladies capture your heart, or perhaps your soul? Have another glass of wine and watch the show, and let the scents of the magic lantern ladies capture your senses and spirit you away.

Main notes of this sexy and delicious feminine edged scent are: Sweet Pumpkin, French Lavender, Plums, Sweet Orange, Bay, Labdanum, Incense, and Wine.

This scent is lovely for a Fall evening and year round as well!



Enter the tent for your fortune to be told. Have a cup of tea and a sweet pastry if you dare. Will it be a good beginning and a bad ending or vice versa... or just the will of the tea leaves in the cup? Madame knows all, but will she tell all? The questions just go on and on and on? Don't they?

Main notes in this perfume are: Tea Leaves, Brown Sugar, Cherrywood, Caramel, Pineapple, and Sugared Ginger.

This yummy gourmand unisex Fall scent is spicy, fruity, and fun.



All the world is a stage ,and on Halloween Eve the stage is theirs as the clock strikes midnight. The old ghosts come out to sing with mouths that never open and dance with feet that never touch the ground. They want to make you smile and entertain you all night long, so you will never, ever leave. Is that really so bad? Sit a spell and be entertained to death.

Main notes in this scrumptious unisex Fall scent are: Pumpkin, Absinthe, Buttery Pastries, Sweet Citrus, Blonde Woods, and Fall Spices.



The last tent in the far edge of the circus grounds houses an old waxwork display. Creatures and monsters galore abide, but who has created these frightening spectres? Three sisters roam the ghostly dirt floor tent, weaving their magics and making wax come alive. Dirty and dusty curtains part to reveal secrets you may not want to know! Don't let these "ladies" catch you or you might be frozen in time.

Main notes in this decidedly creepy faded Halloween scent are: Dark Oak, Dead Leaves, Dusty Curtains, Rotting Grapes, Wet Stone, and Black Licorice, with fainter notes of Pumpkin, Apples, and Wax.

This is a unisex scent that is dark and unusual with faint notes of the familiar.


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