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CRYPTO LEGENDS™ Perfume Sampler Set: Set #1 of CRYPTO LEGENDS™

This perfume sampler is unique, strange and wonderful, like all Cryptids!

Based on the Crypto Legends™ art of fantasy sculptor John Dennett, owner or Moondevil Studio and of Grenadier Models, Perth Pewter, and Revell-Monogram fame. The name Crypto Legends™ is the IP of John Dennett and Moondevil Studio and is used with his permission.

Sampler Set of three 1 ml vials includes:

NESSIE Perfume Oil™

YETI Perfume Oil™


Please see descriptions below. Each vial is a 1 ml amber glass vial with plastic stopper and label.

Each perfume is also available in my shop in full size 9 ml roll-on bottles should you wish to buy full bottles.

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NESSIE™ Perfume Oil:

" 'Tis a fine, cool, crisp day in the highlands as the mist settles over the Loch. One might sense the faintest ripple in the water, a change in the sound the insects make and the general hush that comes over the nearby forest. Slowly she rises, a great leviathan in her own right, her scales shining in the semi-clouded sun. You did see her, didn't you, the lovely water horse? Better look again! "

Imagine the highlands of Scotland and the gorgeous, mysterious Loch Ness and all that may arise from her depths.

Nessie is comprised of main notes of: Deep dark waters, highland heather, green aquatics, forest greens, wormwood, mist, and the faint and clean scent of a mysterious animal from the depths.


YETI™ Perfume Oil:

High in the Himalayan region of Nepal and Tibet, the Yeti...also known as Migoi...Mehteh Kangmi... and The Abominable Snowman... wanders behind temple shadows in the high valley drifts of snow. Temple bells ring and perhaps one lone monk has spotted its dark shape in the snow drifts

(it has never been described in all its sightings as white, but rather dark or brown) before the snows will blow all evidence away, maybe a deep footprint will be found.....

Picture yourself on the stairs outside of a Tibetan temple. Did you see that shape move in the drifts?

Surround yourself in main notes of: Temple incense and nag champa, followed by notes of black Tibetan tea, cool crisp snow drifts, and a light touch of soft mint. Mysterious, elusive, and unique.


JERSEY DEVIL™ Perfume Oil:

Do you really want to wander among the Pine Barrens all alone? Do you want to trudge through cranberry bogs in search of....who knows what? Did you hear the flap of wings.... and a blood curdling scream to chill your soul? Run and don't look back! You don't want to meet the 13th child of Mother Leeds!

The tart and slightly sweet scent of cranberries mixes with pine trees, gloomy mists overhanging a bog, dried moss, soil, dead leaves, darker woods and myrrh. A haunting, slightly creepy, yet very unique and pleasing scent.


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Vegan: Honey, leather, and musk notes are always a high quality synthetic or plant based substitutes. All perfumes are also free of carmine.

Cruelty-Free: I never test my products on animals and never will. All of my sources for scent notes and carrier oils have pledged to be non-animal testing companies forever.

Preservative Free: There are no harmful parabens, phthalates, or alcohol in my perfume oils.

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