GOTHIC GIRLS™ Perfume Sampler Set - Gothic Perfume - Deep Midnight Perfumes - Fantasy Perfume

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GOTHIC GIRLS™ Perfume Sampler Set:

This perfume sampler set is a dark and delicious collection of dark resinous, fruity, woody, florals. This sampler also makes a great layering set.

Sampler Set of three vials includes:

BELLEMIRA™ Perfume Oil

MERULIA™ Perfume Oil

VESPERA™ Perfume Oil

Please see descriptions below. Each vial is a 1 ml amber glass vial with plastic stopper and label.

Each perfume is also available in my shop in full size 9 ml roll-on bottles should you wish to buy full bottles.

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BELLEMIRA™ Perfume Oil:

One look into her eyes and you will be captivated forever. Have you known her yesterday, today, or all the tomorrows yet to come? Fall under the intoxicating spell of a Gothic Victorian vixen and follow her through gardens of lush berries and warm spicy nights, to hushed parlors where the green faerie dances. Bellemira means "beautiful wonder".

The perfume oil is a gorgeous cocktail of Warm Amber, Lush Red Raspberries, and an intoxicating dose of Absinthe, Sugar and a touch of Spice.

It opens with a burst of boozy decadence and dries down to a delicious, berry absinthe, spice scent . This perfume is part of Deep Midnight Perfumes Gothic Girls Set™.

Main notes in this rich dark perfume are: Golden Amber, Ripe Red Raspberries, Decadent Absinthe, Sugar Crystals, Warm Spice


MERULIA™ Perfume Oil:

Through corridors of darkened stone, a place that all spirits and things of the night find home, Merulia makes her way. The call of wild woods fills the night, tempting her down from her chambers. Her heart listens to the call of ravens and owls and then she is freed into the warm aromatic scents of the night world. Will you follow her? Merulia means "little Blackbird".

The perfume oil is a smoky, ripe berry concoction of sensual, dark delight. It opens with a strong tobacco and berry note and dries down to a smoky, berry, wood scent. This perfume is part of Deep Midnight Perfumes Gothic Girls Set™.

Main notes in this rich dark perfume are: Warm Egyptian Amber, Rich Tobacco, Ripe Blackberries, Dark Woods, a pinch of Smoked Cedarwood.


VESPERA™ Perfume Oil:

She walks the night in the sultry, shadowy places under a moon that is full and bright. The scent of night flowers fills the air and her bare feet leave footprints in the wet earth. She is as intense as the night and as mysterious...Vespera, a name that means "in the evening" or "of the evening". This perfume is part of Deep Midnight Perfumes Gothic Girls Set™.

The scent opens with a loamy, rich smell of wet earth, followed by dark amber and evening floral notes; it dries down to an amber floral with a touch of the soil, vetiver, and a bit of spice. It is a complex and edgy blend. Fans of my Deep Midnight's Perfume "Gardens and Graves™ " may be interested in this one.

Main notes in this feminine perfume are: Dark Amber, Night Blooming Jasmine, Damp Soil, Dusty Rose, Vetiver, Dark Woods, a drop of Lilac and touches of warm Spice.


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