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FEATHERS IN THE MOONLIGHT™ Halloween Perfume Sample Set:

This 7 sample set is a haunted collection of Halloween and Autumn goodness based on my take on the English divination rhyme and one of my favorite animals. This set is about you and the crows.

Each perfume oil comes in a 1 ml amber vial with a label and plastic stopper.

These perfumes are also available in the shop in full size 9 ML roll-on bottles.

This set includes:


ONE FOR SOLACE™ Perfume Oil:

You yawn, stiff and weary. Were you sleeping? Doesn’t matter. All the hours are quiet hours now on this fall morning. You reheat coffee and help yourslef to a slice of gingerbread, commiserating with the crow outside who gives you a knowing look and waits patiently until you are done.

The main notes in the perfume are: Pumpkin, Artemisia, Gingerbread, Anise, Fall Spices, and Black Coffee

This perfume is a spicy, gourmand Fall scent - comforting yet with an edge of melancholia.


TWO FOR MIRTH™ Perfume Oil:

You steal away from the evening bonfire, no one to see the two of you but the pair of crows pecking happily at the scarecrow. The scent of ripe apples and wild strawberries drifts across the fields. A sprig of lavender is placed in your hair. There doesn’t seem to be anyone around…

The main notes of this perfume are: Fall Leaves, Oakwood, Toasted Marshmallows, Soil, Red Apples, Ripe Strawberries, Amber, Lavender, Sweet Musk, and a touch of Brown Sugar

This scent is what Fall fun is all about! It is complex and sweet with a distinct soil and fruit note on the open.



The birds of fate come silently, watching the procession pass into their world. You acknowledge them, but they only have eyes for the one who has come to stay.

The main notes in this melancholy scent are: Black Roses, Black Amber, Galbanum, Patchouli, and Aged Oak

This is a heavier scent that is darker and has a mournful edge.


FOUR FOR A BIRTH™ Perfume Oil:

You bring the offering—berries and sweet spices—and cast a wide circle of fire around you. Four crows appear this Samhain night, marking the corners. You approach the pumpkin patch, carefully wading through the huge leaves, and pluck a baby faerie creature from the vine. The tiny herald squeals in delight, and everyone around you cheers to the new year.

Main notes in this scrumptious Fall scent are: Sweet Pumpkin, Ripe Lingonberries, Fall Spices, Oakwood, Ripe Apples, and Vanilla



You pour the cool water from a silver pitcher into a silver basin, the purifying property of the metal keeping the water clean and clear. The full moon offers ample light, with the evening star trailing in her wake. You look into the mirror-like water and see five crows staring back at you. Their eyes are your eyes.

The main notes in this perfume are: Cedarwood, Incense, Coriander, Anise, Caramel, Aged Oak, Heliotrope, Crystallized Sugar, Fresh Pumpkin, faint Floral notes and Ginger

This is a scent that is a complex fall toned scent and is well balanced in all notes.


SIX FOR GOLD™ Perfume Oil:

You shoo the crows from your garden, noticing the glint of gold fall back to the earth as they fly away. You pick up the locket and brush the dirt away. The clasp and hinge work easily, and as you open it, starlight spills out.

The main notes in this perfume are: Ripe Pears, Sweet Bourbon, Golden Amber, Roasted Pecans, Maple Syrup, Cedarwood, Golden Apples, and Fall Spices

This is a sweet, uplifting, slightly floral and slightly boozy, fruity Fall perfume.



You draw the final card from your deck—the seven of Crows. Who has the secret? It has nothing to do with your question. Or does it? You gaze into the realm of possibility and wonder. Am I the secret?

The main notes in this deliciously heady, rich and spicy floral perfume are: Incense, Spicy Carnation, Jasmine, Sweet Musk, Cinnamon, Creamy Vanilla, Lavender, and Clove. 


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Reviewed by sweatergoddess on Oct 3, 2020
It's hard to stand out in the marvelous collection of autumn scents Cat has created, but she's really outdone herself with this set. These seven gorgeous scents cover quite a range of moods, but what they all have in common is that they're all deliciously complex and have a haunting quality. All are evocative of autumn in some way. Seven For a Secret doesn't feel specifically like autumn but still has that haunting, mysterious quality that makes it right at home this time of year. It's also lush, intoxicating and incredibly beautiful. I love every one of these fragrances so much I wasn't able to choose just one and ordered a full size bottle of each!