OPHELIA'S Flight™ Perfume Oil - White Amber, Pears, Ripe Berries, Dark Honey Comb, Pink Peony, Apples, Cream, Spearmint - Fantasy Perfume

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Who needs a dirigible when you can make your own wings? Come join Ophelia and traverse the past and present, landscapes of the world, and exotic archaeological sites as she travels on her amazing, magical, mechanical wings.

The unisex scent tips to the feminine side of the scale with fruity and floral gourmand tendencies and interesting surprises of a bit of mint and other goodies, that will dry down to a musky dark honeycomb note on most people. This perfume is part of Deep Midnight Perfumes Intrepid Ladies Set™.

This perfume was the Mystery 2020 Sample sent out in the free Black Friday 2019 Goody Bags!

Main notes in this flirty, sweet perfume oil are: White Amber, Pears, Ripe Berries, Dark Honeycomb, Pink Peony, Apples, Cream, Spearmint, and a bit of Beeswax.

Model: Gale James, for Deep Midnight Perfumes

Photography: Terry Bebertz, photographer for Deep Midnight Perfumes

please visit his page here: https://www.facebook.com/Terry-Bebertz-photographer-307810725899086/

Perfume comes in a 1/3 oz. (9 ml) frosted cobalt blue roll-on bottle and comes ready for gift giving in a little fabric bag.

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