PUMPKIN PIXIE™ Perfume Oil - Pumpkin, Juicy Pears, Caramel, Roasted Pralines, Nutmeg, Cinnamon - Halloween Perfume - Fall Fragrance

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Hopping into the cupboard in Grandma’s country home there is a wee pixie looking for a bite to eat and shelter from the haunted night. A bit of this, a pinch of that, she’ll never miss what’s gone. But the wild little fae will rest full on Samhain Night and bless her house at dawn. Looks like the Pixie had a lot of good things to eat!

Main notes in this delicious gourmand fall scent are: Pumpkin, Sweet and Juicy Pears, Caramel, Roasted Pralines, Nutmeg, and skin safe Cinnamon. Delicious to wear during Autumn and year round.

Perfume comes in a 1/3 oz. (9 ml) frosted cobalt blue roll-on bottle and comes ready for gift giving in a little fabric bag.

Photo: Summerland Atelier, for use by Deep Midnight Perfumes, Limited Permissions


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Cruelty-Free: I never test my products on animals and never will. All of my sources for scent notes and carrier oils have pledged to be non-animal testing companies forever.

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