PUMPKIN WOODS™ Halloween Perfume Sample Set - Set #12 - Gothic Perfume - Fall Perfume - Halloween Perfume

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PUMPKIN WOODS™ Halloween Perfume Sampler Set:

This 3 sample vial set is a collection of Halloween and Autumn pumpkin notes that you might encounter as you imagine walking your way through pumpkin fields all the way to a cozy pumpkin cottage! I have designed them to be worn alone or layered together as complementary scents.

Each perfume oil comes in a 1 ml amber vial with a label and plastic stopper.

These perfumes are also available in the shop in full size 9 ML roll-on bottles.

This Set includes:



Strolling over the bridge and down the grassy path, you walk into the pumpkin field at dusk. The slight wind blows the grasses gently to and fro and the smell of spices and warmth is carried on the wind from afar. A path emerges between the giant pumpkin vines. Should you follow it?

The main notes in this perfume oil are: Vetiver, Vines, Artemisia, Fresh Pumpkin, Birch Wood, and a touch of Spice.

This unisex perfume is a cool and spicy, woodsy, and grassy, sweet fall Pumpkin scent.


PUMPKIN PATH™ Perfume Oil:

Emerging from a field of bright pumpkins, vines, and grasses and into the twilight of the woods, you see a well worn path lined with tiny magical lights, pumpkins, and jack-o-lanterns galore. Upon closer inspection you can see that inside the jack-o-lanterns tiny pixies are feasting on plump blackberries and herbs. They squeal excitedly and point you towards the end of the path where you can see swirling smoke and smell delicious treats. You follow the path of pumpkins and lights until you reach a magical clearing...

The main notes of this unisex, inviting, mysterious woodsy scent are: Cedar Trees, Sweet Pumpkin, Lush Black Berries, Garden Herbs, and a whisper of Night Air.

The perfume is woodsy and unique with herbal and pumpkin notes.



At the end of the magical pumpkin path lies a little cottage where the pumpkin witch lives. She will greet you at the door and welcome you into her tiny home. You can smell the aroma of a rich black coffee brewing in a pot over an open fireplace. Sprigs of dried lavender and other flowers hang from the ceiling, tied in neat little bundles. Lying on her wooden counter are ground spices of cloves and cardamom. Freshly cut pumpkin sits on the table awaiting a pie crust to fill. She pours you a cup of coffee and splashes it with a healthy dose of cream. You smile at her and know that you feel welcome and at home and this is the perfect place to be after your long journey.

The main notes in this evenly blended perfume are: Fresh Pumpkin, Roasted Black Coffee, Cloves, Cardamom, Lavender Sprigs, Firewood, Cream and bit of Old Wood in the background.

This is a unisex gourmand scent that is a cozy, homey, slightly smoky, and delicious.

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