VICTORIAN HALLOWEEN™ Perfume Sampler Set - Set #5, Set of FIVE 1 ml vials - Halloween Perfume - Fall perfume -Pumpkin Perfume

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VICTORIAN HALLOWEEN™ Perfume Sampler Set - Set #5 - Set of FIVE 1 ml vials.

Please see descriptions below. Each vial is a 1 ml amber glass vial with plastic stopper and label. Perfumes come packaged in a little organza gift bag.

All perfumes samples are available in my shop in full size 9ml roll-on bottles.


Ghosts in the Attic™ Perfume Oil:

Who is that wandering around upstairs in the old house and whispering in hushed voices when no one else is home? Whose footsteps creak on attic stairs and whose ghostly fingers lovingly hold faded photographs? The memories of time now past are floating upon the winds of autumn.

Soft autumn notes of ripe, red apples, autumn wind, and Halloween candies, mix with the sharp, antique wood of an old but not quite forgotten home. Unisex, slightly tipping towards the feminine side of the scale.


Faerie Feast™ Perfume Oil:

The lithe and lovely creature you chased through the dark forest had long eluded you, so you were surprised to see her standing in the fire-lit clearing, holding out her hand as if in hospitality. Entranced, you eat the feast of food and drink offers you, lushly spread out under the light of the All Hallows moon. Dimly in your mind you remember what you were warned. Now you will dance with the faeries forever and never want to return home.

Lush and creamy white amber, dried colorful leaves, roasted pumpkin, laurel, cinnamon, cardamom, toasted sugar and cream. A delicious unisex scent tipping to the feminine side of the scale.


Drunken Pumpkin™ Perfume Oil:

No one at the Halloween Ball noticed the vine tendril retreat contentedly from the punch bowl. It would be a few minutes before anyone realized they were suddenly out of rum. However, one confused reveler watched as one of the taller gourds teetered slowly to one side and then fell over of its own accord!

"Naughty little Pumpkinhead

Snuck some rum up to his bed

Minding not the consequence

He set fire to the frankincense.

Desperate for a quick escape

He leapt from the window in his cape

Pumpkinhead had quite a fall

And out came rum, seeds, and all."

© John Keske, 2014, for use by Deep Midnight Perfumes and used with author’s permission.

A naughty unisex, darker pumpkin scent full of creamy pumpkin, cinnamon, clove, deep dark resins, black amber, cream, and of course the rum!


Griselda’s Garden™ Perfume Oil:

Peering through the knothole in the old fence, you see the goodly old witch standing among the autumn flowers, under the old oak tree. The wind carries the sound of her chanting and the aroma of her cauldron’s brew. What wild magic is she conjuring from her garden’s bounty?

This is a softly haunting scent full of: fading autumn flowers, black currants, the last ripe peaches of summer, oak and ash, amyris, and faint touches of firewood and softly tilled soil. A wistful, autumn feminine scent.


Skeleton Crew™ Perfume Oil:

The last remaining “residents” of the manor busy themselves popping corn in the kettle for a sweet Halloween treat. The fire crackles merrily in the hearth, but alas, it does not warm the polished white bones of the lord and lady, sitting stiffly nearby…

Fluffy white popcorn layered in butter, roasted marshmallows, sugar, dried leaves, amber, and charred woods from a long forgotten hearth. This unisex scent is gourmand but the sweet is balanced out with the edginess of darker notes.


BACKDROP: Is an Antique Halloween Postcard from my personal collection and is NOT included with the perfume.

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