WAITING FOR ADA™ Perfume Oil - Elegant Woods, Pressed Linens, Peanut Butter, Jelly, Hot Chocolate, Spirit Accord - Halloween Perfume

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Waiting for Ada™ Perfume Oil:

Inspired by the Le Pavillon Hotel

If you see ghosts as striking, beautiful and proud, bathed in hazy gold light and stark white mists, you will also see the Le Pavillon hotel, a Baroque queen which sits in the heart of bustling downtown New Orleans. Steeped in history, she resides there as an homage to all that is historic, luxurious, elegant and even homey, welcoming visitors of this world... and the world beyond the veil. Her history extends to the days when the Big Easy was in transition. At one point in her history, a theater sat on the grounds of the current hotel, which amassed a collection of unsavory attractions, activities and characters. In 1907, the hotel first opened its doors, first as the Hotel Denechaud and later, the Hotel De Soto, with the hotel eventually becoming the Le Pavillon. Today, the hotel is the epitome of Old World elegance, with fineries and antiques from France and elsewhere filling its lobbies and rooms.

Many ghosts are said to make the Le Pavillon their "home away from home." These spirts take the form of couples, pranksters, and a distressed young woman named Ada, who was killed by a carriage in the 1840s. One paranormal team believes there may be as many as 100 entities residing there, with some going as far to say that the grounds of the hotel contain a literal portal to the other side. But to accommodate all those who would appreciate a small taste of home while staying there, the hotel hosts a nightly buffet of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and rich, hot chocolate. Hopefully they will wait for Ada and save her a treat. Will you join her as well?

Main scent notes are: Elegant Woods, Pressed Linens and Lace, Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches, Rich Hot Chocolate and a little touch of the Spirit Accord. This unisex scent is mostly gourmand and tips to the feminine side of the scale.

The Haunted Inns Perfume Series™ has been my fascinating joint venture with "Granny Becky," a young step grandmother and great-grandmother, who loves to travel with her husband. She has a penchant for the historical, unusual and rustic and has gravitated towards "haunted inns" for their beauty, history and location. However, she cannot confirm, or deny, that these locations are haunted but they are indeed fascinating. We worked together on these ideas for almost a year, discussing perfume notes, names, and the aura and events surrounding each Inn. I have sincerely enjoyed creating perfumes embodying the historical and unique nature of each location, Haunted or not. Each scent has a tiny bit of an accord dubbed the “spirit accord” that I created to tie all the perfumes together. ---Cat Marx

Photos and Descriptions by: Granny Becky

Perfume comes in a 1/3 oz. (9 ml) frosted cobalt blue roll-on bottle and comes ready for gift giving in a little fabric bag.

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