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WHAT'S UP, WITCHES? ™ Halloween Perfume Sample Set:

This 6 sample set is a Witchy collection of Halloween and Autumn goodness! I have designed them to be worn alone or layered together as complementary scents. Each perfume oil comes in a 1 ml amber vial with a label and plastic stopper.

These perfumes are also available in my shop in full size 9 ML roll-on bottles.

This Set includes:


PERICULA™ Perfume Oil:

Pericula takes her name from the Latin word for peril. Maybe she will bring it, or maybe she will save you from it. You will never know unless you cross her path.

Main scent notes of this unisex scent are: Rich Egyptian Amber, Crushed Black Peppercorns, Almond, and Sugared Pumpkin.

This unisex perfume is a delicious, spicy, and resinous Fall scent.


ELSPETH & ONYX™ Perfume Oil:

Relaxing in an enchanted grove, Elspeth and her beloved familiar Onyx celebrate the autumn winds, weaving magical dreams of plump pumpkins, dancing faeries, and whispering woods for all who follow the enticing scents of this magical time of year.

Main notes of this rich and delicious unisex Autumn scent are: Sweet Pumpkin, Sugared Black Amber, Plump Blackberries, Oakwood, Cedarwood, Dark Chocolate Fudge, and a pinch of burning Sage.

The smells of Autumn woods, berries, pumpkins, resins, spice and a touch of magic will tantalize your senses.


GRIMMSBANE™ Perfume Oil:

Ever poised and elegant, and yet... deadly, Grimmsbane takes a moment of respite to consult his books. His prey would fall like all the others—to measured words and sweet spirits.

Main notes: Bourbon and Absinthe are poured over Toasted Pecans, and spun with burnt Sugar through Balsam Firs, while a final touch of old Leather books adds a faint haunted note.

This tantalizing and unisex scent is woodsy and bit boozy, with nutty sweet and warm notes.


MARI'S COTTAGE™ Perfume Oil:

The kitchen witch, Mari, tended the hearth fire and infused magic into her cottage. She made sweet offerings to faeries both light and dark to protect the food she grew, and to impart some of their otherworldly energy into it. People who ate meals she prepared fell under a spell that brought them to their fondest wishes or at least a mirthful night with otherwordly celebrations.

Main notes are : Sweet Spiced Peaches, Warm Caramel, Moss and Greens, and Sweet Flower Blossoms all laid out on a bed of rich myrrh. This unisex warm, fruity and earthy scent tips towards the feminine side of the scale.


LILYANNA™ Perfume Oil:

Deep in the heart of the forest, by old ruins long forgotten, a young witch cultivates her powers. Any who encounter her may be pulled in by her to sing the wild magic of a haunted Autumn night.

Main notes are: Ripe Apples, Woods and Leaves, Cardamom, Toasted Marshmallow, and faint Woodsmoke. The scent is unisex tipping towards the feminine side of the scale.


MABYN™ Perfume Oil:

Why fight when you can flirt? Mabyn leads the hunt as the hunted, letting her pursuers trip over themselves without realizing they are already caught in her web. Don't pass by the graveyard alone tonight...or at all for that matter!

Main notes of this darkly gothic, unisex, Autumn scent are: Graveyard Dirt, Firewood, the darkest Myrrh, dried Gourds, Hay, and a dollop of darkly spiced Pumpkin.


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