WINTER'S NIGHT™ Perfume Sampler Set of 6 Mini Vials - Holiday Perfume - Winter Fragrance - Christmas Perfume

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WINTER'S NIGHT™ Perfume Sampler™ Set: Winter Holiday Scents

Sample set of SIX mini 1ml vials include:




ALL IS BRIGHT™ Perfume Oil



The theme of this perfume sampler set is all things snowy, wintery, warm, melancholy, and magical on a Winter's Night! They are a variety of crisp and spicy traditional winter notes blended with fruits, florals and woods and some are sweet and delicious treats. You can even try layering them together for fun!

Please see scent descriptions below for each perfume. Each vial is a 1 ml amber glass vial with plastic stopper and label.

Each perfume is also available in my shop in full size 9 ml roll-on bottles.



The winter waif wandered through the fluffy snow, her hands sticky with the remains of the magical marzipan her Nonna had given her as a treat. She looked up and plucked the blood moon out of the sky and bit into it like and orange. She smiled and mounted her dragon’s back and flew away into the snowy sky. From the short story, “Marzipan Moon” © Cat Marx 2015

This delicious and intense fruity, nutty gourmand scent is unisex trending towards the feminine. It opens with a very intense burst of almond marzipan and dries down to a fruity and nutty, resinous scent.

Main notes in this perfume oil are: Marzipan Almond, Blood Orange, Dragon’s Blood, Arctic Berries, Cranberry, and Apple.



No one had joined her in silent reverie that evening as she dreamed of peace and comfort and a place to call home. She dreamed of a long ago time where a winter moon shone down upon silvery branches lit with the glow of stars and frost kissed the last of the summer fields. She could feel a stirring in the air, a breath of the Solstice night, and then she was no longer alone. Wrapped in arms of welcoming love, the light shone in each and every face she knew and also had never seen before. Hands held out ancient gifts not seen in many lifetimes. An orange and a rose were gifted to her and she wept with tears of joy. From the short story “Wrens Wings” © Cat Marx 2015

Main notes in this bright, woody and spicy scent are: Birch, Cedar, Clove, Mandarin Orange, Cardamom, Rose, and Ozone. This perfume oil is unisex tending towards the feminine side of the scale and has a beautiful warm dry down.



There may come a time when the world may no longer know Winter. When the snow doesn’t last and fireplaces no longer glow with warmth, we may long for one last snowflake on a woolen mitten, or a silvery night lit with candles and frost on a windowpane. Winter will shed one last tear to glisten among the snowy trees and fallen pinecones and then say farewell. From the short story, “Goodbye, Frosty” © Cat Marx, 2017

Main notes of this memorable unisex winter blend are: Crackling Firewood, Cassis, Apple, Spruce, Balsam, Citrus, Dark Tea, Pinecones, and Sugar Crystals


ALL IS BRIGHT™ Perfume Oil:

You stand in the middle of your candle lit living room enjoying the aromas of the holidays while lights twinkle around your tree and mantel. The twinkling stars shine down on you through the window. You dare to open the glass and a clean breath of air filled with scent of winter trees washes in and mingles with the cozy spiced fruits you have prepared for sharing. All is calm, all is bright.

The scent is unisex tending towards the feminine and is filled with crisp and clean notes of: White Crystalline Amber, Orange Peel, Cedar, Fir, Cinnamon Bark, and Clove.



Come and sit by the fire and make yourself at home. Have a treat or two and toast with me to the new year yet to come. Love one another; be grateful for happy times without strife. The little things are the sweetest, and the dearest in this life. From the poem, “Happy Winter” © Cat Marx 2018

Main notes in this yummy and cozy gourmand unisex scent are: A crackling Oakwood Fire, delicious Milk Chocolate, rich Grand Marnier, Sweetened Milk, and a little dollop of Marshmallow Cream. Fun for fall or year round too!


WINTER QUEEN™ Perfume Oil:

Perfect as a snowflake and shining like the stars, she walks along the forest path in wintery attire. No creature stops her silent walk, no bird calls in the night. Her footsteps bless the waiting woods and darkness knows delight. From the poem “Blessings of the Winter Queen" © Cat Marx 2018

This unisex scent tips to the feminine side of the scale and is wintery, brisk, crisp scent balanced with warm cozy gourmand notes and finished with a delightful light floral spin. Main notes in the perfume oil are: White Chocolate, Snow Crystals, Peppermint, Dark Chocolate, Spruce Trees, Ozone, Sugared Pink Violets


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