Hello friends! I'm John, current owner of Deep Midnight Perfumes™, an indie perfumery located in Minneapolis, MN. Cat, my business partner and co-owner of DMP, sadly passed away in December and I'm trying to fill her shoes. This was a labor of love for her, and I hope to honor and continue her legacy—at first by continuing to run the shop, and later by supplementing her catalog with creations of my own.

Cat and I collaborated on nearly everything. She was a brilliant perfumer, and I was... also there. If you're curious about scents that are uniquely mine, here are a few: Vintage, Wildwood, Sangreal, Drummer Boy, Faerie Knight, Prairie Gothic, the Walking Dead sets, and Feathers in the Moonlight (numbers 1,2,4,5,6). I share Cat's love of the creative process, which for us meant that the scent is informed by the story. This leads to a wide variety of fascinating results—some simple, some complicated, some wonderful, and others wonderfully weird.

We sold on Etsy from 2010-2020 with a 5 star rating. We were consistently in the top 1-10% of Etsy sellers on Handmade Hunt. Over 300 unique perfumes are in the shop year round. All perfumes are vegan, preservative free, alcohol free, and cruelty free. The carrier base is scent free organic jojoba oil from plants grown in the USA.

Please continue to enjoy your favorites and perhaps find new favorites to come!

With love and gratitude,