In Memoriam

Our beloved Cat Marx

August 29, 1965 - December 19, 2020.

She was a source of light and love, and she appreciated each and every one of you.




"The World is Full of Magical Things, Patiently Waiting for Our Senses to Grow Sharper."



Fantasy Perfume Oils
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Shop Owner: Catrianna

"Perfume oils became my way of telling a story in a unique medium. I want my scents to transport the wearer to another time and place—just as they would be by reading a good book or looking at a fine painting—because of the strong interaction between scent and memory. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and I believe a scent is worth ten thousand." —Cat Marx, from Interviews with Enchanted Living Magazine and Middle Earth News.

Enchanted Living Magazine (2018): A Talk with Deep Midnight Perfumes Creator, Cat Marx

Enchanted Living Magazine (2019): An Enchanting Interview with Cat Marx from Deep Midnight Perfumes
Enchanted Living Magazine (2020): An Intoxicating Interview with Cat Marx of Deep Midnight Perfumes

Middle Earth News: The Scents of Middle Earth, an Interview with Cat Marx of Deep Midnight Perfumes

Greetings! My name is Cat, and I am the owner of Deep Midnight Perfumes™, an indie perfumery located in Minneapolis, MN. I am passionate about creating fascinating fragrances and I love sharing this grand obsession with my customers. I adore creating perfumes that are unique and deeply complex in character and others that are enchanting in their simplicity. When I describe my blends, I want each perfume I create to tell a scented story.... to create a dreamscape in your mind that will connect with your sense of smell and transport you to where you want to go. I am inspired by the fantasy genre, a variety of historical eras, people and characters—both real and imaginary, places of old, legends, lore, literature, romance, spiritual arts, and theater.

All perfumes are vegan, preservative free, alcohol free, and cruelty free. All of the ingredient sources also pledge to be vegan and cruelty free. The carrier base is beautiful scent free organic jojoba oil from plants grown in the USA. Jojoba oil is the gold standard of carrier oils, and will have an indefinite shelf life and is superior to other carrier oils. Both fragrance oils and essential oils of premium quality are used in the perfume oils. 
We have been selling on Etsy since 2010 with nearly 14,000 sales and a 5 star rating. We have over 300 unique perfumes in our shop. We have been consistently in the top 1-10% of Etsy sellers on Handmade Hunt over the years. You can buy with confidence knowing you are purchasing the highest quality hand made perfume oils.

We hope you enjoy the perfumes that are created with love for you.

Best to you always —Cat 

Deep Midnight Perfumes: "Perfume oils inspired by Fantasy, History, Legends, and Lore."™