CHRISTMAS CREATURES™ Perfume Sampler Set - Christmas Perfume - Holiday Perfume - Winter Fragrance - Perfume Oil

CHRISTMAS CREATURES™ Perfume Sampler Set -  Christmas Perfume - Holiday Perfume -  Winter Fragrance - Perfume Oil CHRISTMAS CREATURES™ Perfume Sampler Set -  Christmas Perfume - Holiday Perfume -  Winter Fragrance - Perfume Oil
CHRISTMAS CREATURES™ Perfume Sampler Set - Christmas Perfume - Holiday Perfume - Winter Fragrance - Perfume Oil
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CHRISTMAS CREATURES™ Perfume Sampler Set: Set contains a 1 ml vial of each of the five listed holiday scents. All perfumes are also available in my shop in full size 9ml roll-on bottles. Please see complete scent descriptions below. 




Jack Frost



Krampus Perfume Oil:

Krampus is the dark companion of St. Nicholas, the traditional European gift-bringer who bestows gifts to all the good children during the winter holiday. Good old Saint Nick leaves the task of punishing the unfortunate naughty children to Krampus. Usually depicted as a sinister gentleman dressed in black or a hairy man-beast with horns, Krampus punishes the naughty children, swatting them with birch switches. Ouch!! You better watch out!

This unisex scent is a darker holiday scent that borders slightly on the masculine side. Main notes of: Frankincense, birch wood, clove, bay rum, dark oak, and black pepper.


Belsnickel Perfume Oil:

This crotchety, dirty, yet benign and amusing fur-clad fellow of southwestern German folklore shows up at houses a week or two before Christmas. He comes bearing gifts for the good children and frightens the naughty ones into being good with his switch. The children always escape unharmed, but Belsnickel always does his job into scaring them into being good so that Santa will bring them presents on Christmas to come.

When visiting the homes before Christmas, he knocks on the door with his stick and the children have to answer questions, riddles, or sing a song. In exchange he tosses candies, treats, and nuts onto the floor.

When Belsnickel comes to your house prepare to be clever and not too greedy while the aromas of Roasted chestnuts and walnuts, brown sugar, yellow cake, hollyberries and dark amber fill the winter air.


Befana Perfume Oil:

In popular Italian folklore Befana visits all the children of Italy on the eve of the Feast of the Epiphany to fill their socks with candy and presents if they are good or a lump of coal if they are naughty. Befana loves to be good housekeeper, and some say she will sweep the floor before she leaves the house, symbolically sweeping away of the problems of the year. The child's family often leaves a plate of food for Befana.

She is usually portrayed as a smiling old lady or witch riding a broomstick through the air wearing a black shawl and is covered in soot because she enters the children's houses through the chimney. She cheerfully carries a bag or hamper of treats and candy for the good children.

This is a yummy gourmand scent for all the good “kids” with main notes of: Mulled fruits, chimney smoke, luscious chocolate, sweet musk, cinnamon leaf, Siberian fir, and hollyberries.


Jack Frost Perfume Oil:

We all know how the song mentions Jack Frost nipping at your nose…or maybe even your toes!

Jack Frost is the personification of frost, ice, snow, sleet, and the freezing cold weather of winter. He is sometimes depicted as a version of Old Man Winter bringing forth the frosty weather, for nipping the nose and toes in cold weather, and for leaving beautiful fernlike patterns of frost on windows. I for one have always been mesmerized by those patterns. Sometimes he is portrayed as a more youthful wintery mischief maker or winter sprite who does as he pleases.

This is one of my new personal favorite winter holiday scents that reminds me of being a child out on a cold winter day looking for that mischievous sprite who decorated my grandmother’s windows.

This perfume oil is a clean unisex scent bordering on the feminine side and comprised of main notes of: Spruce trees, ozone, creamy white amber, peppermint, crisp green leaves, and pale musk. A sweet, refreshing and crisp outdoorsy and wintery scent.


Bumble Perfume Oil:

Who knew the abominable snow monster of the North could be tamed by losing a few teeth! He won’t be eating any elves or reindeer this holiday season now that he is playful and cuddly! And everyone knows…Bumbles bounce!

Enjoy a playful perfume with main notes of: Fluffy toasted marshmallows, white musk, peppermint, cranberries, grapefruit, vanilla, Siberian Fir, and bit of soft florals and white chocolate play in the background.


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