Christmas Dark & Light™ Perfume Sample Set of Five Vials - Christmas Perfume - Holiday Perfume - Winter Fragrance

Christmas Dark & Light™ Perfume Sample Set of Five Vials - Christmas Perfume - Holiday Perfume - Winter Fragrance Christmas Dark & Light™ Perfume Sample Set of Five Vials - Christmas Perfume - Holiday Perfume - Winter Fragrance Christmas Dark & Light™ Perfume Sample Set of Five Vials - Christmas Perfume - Holiday Perfume - Winter Fragrance
Christmas Dark & Light™ Perfume Sample Set of Five Vials - Christmas Perfume - Holiday Perfume - Winter Fragrance
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Christmas Dark and Light™ perfume sampler set

Sample set of five mini vials include:






The theme of this set is the things that shed light and warmth in the cold, dark places in the world, the promise of the hearth on cold winter evenings, and the spirit of warmth and charity. Enjoy!

Each sample comes in a 1 ml amber glass vial with plastic stopper and label.


Beautiful Northern Lights fill the winter sky…if you have experienced one in person, you indeed know the beauty of this natural light display. This rich, sweet, velvety scent is comprised of a delicious vanilla bean accord, winterberries, sweet musk, soft peppermint, white sugar, and winter pines. Enjoy the scents of the season!



The winter night air freezes your breath on your scarf as you walk towards a waiting haven of light, safety and the inviting smells of a winter cottage. Hurry to get inside from this dark winter night, and an evening of warmth and joy awaits you!

Inspired in part by a fantastic cookie recipe from Morgan Crone, this holiday perfume contains many wonderful scent notes, including: dark gingerbread, rich vanilla, molasses, cardamon, anise, and black pepper. A scrumptious, gourmand, rich and spicy unisex winter scent!



Kissing under a ball or sprig of Mistletoe is a tradition that scholars believe dates back to the Roman festival of Saturnalia. Victorians carried on this lovely tradition and created simple to elaborate kissing balls for their homes using mistletoe, fir branches, flowers, ribbons and fabrics. While growing up I often caught a kiss myself under the kissing ball in my parents’ home that was made of dried flowers, tulle, and sequins.

This perfume brings to mind the festivities of the season and the aromas one might catch wafting from a warmly inviting Victorian home. Roasted chestnuts and pecans, rum, creamy vanilla and spiced orange are followed by softer notes of balsam fir and sweet florals. Festive, warm, and cozy!



The Holly King is a mythological figure who often represents one half of the year. He is in constant battles over the seasons with the Oak King. The Holly King vanquishes the Oak King at Yule or Winter Solstice and brings about winter. He is often depicted as a jolly character with a beard and wreathed in holly.

A clear and crisp winter solstice morning brings in the scents of The Holly King:

Sweet sugarplums, mistletoe evergreens and cedar are wrapped up with a light crisp mint, warm vanilla, notes of three soft florals and lastly a touch of fig rounds out the scent. Sweet, earthy, crisp and clean.


WENCESLAS Perfume Oil:

"Good King Wenceslas", as we know him from the wonderful Christmas carol of 1879, is based on the historical figure Saint Wenceslaus I, who was Duke of Bohemia in the 10th century. In the legend, Wenceslas and his page travel on the Feast of Stephen (the second day of Christmas, December 26) in freezing snow and wind to give alms to the poor. His page loses heart on the harsh journey and is about to give up the struggle with the deep freezing snow, but is encouraged onward by following Wenceslas’ footprints which radiate light and heat.

This perfume is a wonderful blend of: soft pine, crisp greens, sweet sugars, white cocoa, and a waiting oakwood fire, kissed lightly with clove and cassia.


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