CHRISTMAS VISIONS™ Perfume Sample Set- Set of 5 Sample Vials, Christmas Perfume - Winter Perfume

CHRISTMAS VISIONS™ Perfume Sample Set-  Set of 5 Sample Vials, Christmas Perfume - Winter Perfume CHRISTMAS VISIONS™ Perfume Sample Set-  Set of 5 Sample Vials, Christmas Perfume - Winter Perfume CHRISTMAS VISIONS™ Perfume Sample Set-  Set of 5 Sample Vials, Christmas Perfume - Winter Perfume
CHRISTMAS VISIONS™ Perfume Sample Set- Set of 5 Sample Vials, Christmas Perfume - Winter Perfume
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The Christmas Visions Sample Set of scents contains a 1 ml vial of each of the five holiday scents below:

Comfort and Joy™ Perfume Oil

Endris Night™ Perfume Oil

Silver Bells™ Perfume Oil

Victorian Sleigh Ride™ Perfume Oil

Wassail™ Perfume Oil

You will receive five labeled 1 ml amber vials ready for gift giving in a black organza bag.

Each scent is also available in a 9 ml roll on bottle in the Holiday Section of my shop.


Comfort and Joy™ Perfume Oil:

"Oh, tidings of comfort and joy, comfort and joy." This is a wonderful, festive, warm and delicious holiday scent I would like to wear year round. It is reminiscent of all good and happy holidays we have known in our homes and in our hearts.

This blend is comprised of deep vanilla bean, sweet roasted chestnuts, cinnamon, nutmeg, anise, and rounded out with cedarwood, frankincense, and touches of sage and myrrh. So scrumptious and joyous! With great love in my heart I dedicate this scent to my family.


Endris Night™ Perfume Oil:

"Thys endris nygth I saw a sygth, A stare as brygt as day." This is from a 15th Century English Carol that is rarely performed today. It is a beautiful song and the Old English lyrics reference the Virgin and Child with grace and tenderness.

This blend is meant to evoke images of a long ago time, during a night of rare splendor and beauty. Sweet frankincense, Arabian sandalwood, a very rich deep red musk, orange blossoms, and kisses of cloves make this a magical scent for the holidays and year round also.


Silver Bells™ Perfume Oil:

I have made this oil in memory of my mother, who made every holiday a delight. The house would be filled with the wonderful aromas of foods and treats and every room would be decorated ever so magically. Her gorgeous and trained soprano voice filled the house with the sounds of the Holiday carol she had sung to me since I was an infant : Silver Bells.

Savor your memories of the season as you enjoy this lovely perfume blend of rich rum, cinnamon, nutmeg, deep vanilla bean, delicious cream, sugarplums, and a touch of a very sweet and light mint. ...." And on every street corner you'll hear...Silver Bells."


Victorian Sleigh Ride™ Perfume Oil:

Travel back in time to a winter wonderland of snowy trees, listening to the sounds of the horses’ bells and breathing in the crisp air as you are whisked away down snowy covered lanes in a sleigh full of gaily wrapped parcels.

This is a crisp and delightful blend of Candy Canes, hollyberries, sweet spiced whiskey, cedarwood, sage, frankincense, and a touch of cream. Happy Holidays!


Wassail™ Perfume Oil:

The old English wassail song, Here We Come A-wassailing (or Here We Come A-caroling) refers to 'wassailing', or singing carols door to door wishing good health and happiness. Beggars and orphans used to dance their way through the snowy streets of England, offering to sing good cheer and to tell good fortune if the householder would give them a drink from his wassail bowl and let them stand for a few minutes beside the warmth of his hearth. The wassail bowl itself was a hearty combination of hot ale or beer, apples, spices and mead. Today wassail is sometimes made with wine and other fruits. Sit by a warm fire and imagine the carolers of old England coming by to wish you cheer as you give them a drink from your wassail bowl...the aromas of red wine, apple wine, ale, sweet oranges, fruit and cloves, along with delicate touches of frankincense and myrrh... capture your senses.

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