HAUNTED INNS™ Perfume Sampler Set - Halloween Perfume Set #9 - Fall Perfume

HAUNTED INNS™ Perfume Sampler Set - Halloween Perfume Set #9 - Fall Perfume HAUNTED INNS™ Perfume Sampler Set - Halloween Perfume Set #9 - Fall Perfume HAUNTED INNS™ Perfume Sampler Set - Halloween Perfume Set #9 - Fall Perfume
HAUNTED INNS™ Perfume Sampler Set - Halloween Perfume Set #9 - Fall Perfume
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HAUNTED INNS™ Perfume Sampler Set:

Please see descriptions below. Each vial is a 1 ml amber glass vial with plastic stopper and label. They come packaged in a little organza gift bag. All perfumes samples are available in my shop in full size 9ml roll-on bottles.


Ozark Mysteries™ Perfume Oil:

Inspired by the 1886 Crescent Hotel

Nestled amongst the stunning beauty of the Ozarks in Eureka Springs, sits the magnificent 1886 Crescent Hotel. To experience it, you must be prepared for the contrasts. On the one hand, you may see a wedding party or reception, an enchanting bride preparing to be married against such a lovely backdrop. On another, you may take in a spooky Halloween séance, with people hungry to touch the other side. Then again, you may encounter eager ghost hunters, who wander the halls during the day or night. However, you may just experience a ghost yourself. That ghost might be Michael, the young Irish stonemason who plunged to his death. The spirit could also be that of a young woman, who died during the days when the hotel was a women's college. Then again, the ghost could be that of the kindly Dr. Ellis, who enjoyed cherry tobacco in his pipe. But such activities make one hungry, so just make sure you have a treat with you from the hotel sweet shop.... and have an extra to offer to the new friend you are likely to meet. Step into 1886 and inhale the aromas of an elegant parlor.

Main scent notes are: Cherry Wood, Rich Tobacco, Swirling Smoke, Plush Leather, Trailing Ivy and Greens, bare traces of spicy Gingerbread Cookies and a little touch of the Spirit Accord. This scent is unisex, tipping slightly to the masculine side of the scale.


Waiting for Ada™ Perfume Oil:

Inspired by the Le Pavillon Hotel

If you see ghosts as striking, beautiful and proud, bathed in hazy gold light and stark white mists, you will also see the Le Pavillon hotel, a Baroque queen which sits in the heart of bustling downtown New Orleans. Steeped in history, she resides there as an homage to all that is historic, luxurious, elegant and even homey, welcoming visitors of this world... and the world beyond the veil. Her history extends to the days when the Big Easy was in transition. At one point in her history, a theater sat on the grounds of the current hotel, which amassed a collection of unsavory attractions, activities and characters. In 1907, the hotel first opened its doors, first as the Hotel Denechaud and later, the Hotel De Soto, with the hotel eventually becoming the Le Pavillon. Today, the hotel is the epitome of Old World elegance, with fineries and antiques from France and elsewhere filling its lobbies and rooms.

Many ghosts are said to make the Le Pavillon their "home away from home." These spirts take the form of couples, pranksters, and a distressed young woman named Ada, who was killed by a carriage in the 1840s. One paranormal team believes there may be as many as 100 entities residing there, with some going as far to say that the grounds of the hotel contain a literal portal to the other side. But to accommodate all those who would appreciate a small taste of home while staying there, the hotel hosts a nightly buffet of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and rich, hot chocolate. Hopefully they will wait for Ada and save her a treat. Will you join her as well?

Main scent notes are: Elegant Woods, Pressed Linens and Lace, Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches, Rich hot Chocolate and a little touch of the Spirit Accord. This unisex scent is mostly gourmand and tips to the feminine side of the scale.


Prairie Gothic™ Perfume Oil:

Inspired by The Baker Hotel

Opened in 1929, mere days after the stock market crash, the Baker Hotel was built on an unusual foundation: a special spring water known as "curative spring water" for its health and sanity-restorative properties. Built using Spanish Colonial Revival style popular in Old California architecture, the Baker was a striking beacon against the hilly and arid Texas prairie.

The Baker was also a modern and chic resort. The spas and other amenities were not only the height of glamour and luxury but were also innovative for its time. During the decades that the U.S. suffered the most -- the 1930s and early 1940s -- this hotel thrived. Its décor included a grand ball room, an Olympic-size swimming pool and a rooftop nightclub called the Cloud Room. Celebrities, politicians, business moguls and even the occasional famous criminal was said to have stayed here. After World War II, as medical advances began to abound, the spring waters began to lose their popularity, and with it, the hotel began its decline. It closed its doors in 1972.

Today, the hotel still stands, decayed and empty, but still proudly overlooking the town. However, the hotel is considered to be not so empty -- spirits are said to still roam the large rooms and grand halls, to include the lovely red-haired mistress of the Baker's owner. If you visit, you may just see a spirit yourself, through a partially boarded door or gazing out to you from a broken window. Whatever you decide to do, have a bottle of the "curative spring water" with you -- it may just give you the mental fortitude to face whatever its decaying and neglected grounds bring forth…

Main Scent notes are: Absinthe, Anise, Amber, Soft Patchouli, Tumbleweed, Wet Concrete, and of course a healthy dose of mysterious spring water, along with a little touch of the Spirit Accord. This is a unisex scent tending slightly to the masculine side of the scale.

Disclaimer: Please note! This is not a medication or treatment, it is a perfume oil/scent meant to be worn on the skin only and should never be ingested.


The Haunted Rose™ Perfume Oil:

Inspired by The Emily Morgan Hotel

A marvel of neo-Gothic architecture, the Emily Morgan Hotel sits across the street from the Alamo, in bustling and historic downtown San Antonio, TX. Its history and inspiration is unique. The hotel itself is named after the legend of Emily West, a beautiful young woman who is said to have seduced General Santa Anna and thus, helped Texas win its independence. The song "Yellow Rose of Texas" is inspired by her. Her namesake hotel was built in 1924 and was first used as a medical arts building and hospital, and in the 1970s, was converted to office space. It now stands as one of one of the most haunted hotels in the world. Guests report unexplained noises, physical touch and even apparitions when they visit.

While the hotel is not necessarily haunted by Emily West, it is not known whether the spirits which reside at the hotel are from the time of the 1920s hospital or from the days of the Texas revolution. Regardless, like many areas in this city, the Emily Morgan sits as a reminder of a sweeping past -- oftentimes violent, sometimes romantic, but never ordinary.

Main scent notes are: Yellow Roses, Roasted Pecans and Pistachios, Cardamom, and Dark Rich Chocolate, and a little touch of the Spirit Accord.


Chloe's Grove™ Perfume Oil:

Inspired by The Myrtles Plantation

Just north of Baton Rouge, the memorable and evocative Myrtles Plantation in Saint Francisville, Louisiana is said to be one of the most haunted locations in the United States. Built in 1796, the grounds feature lovely gardens, a sweeping veranda, and trees dripping with Spanish moss, as well as architectural and artistic features within the home that point to a past that mixed death, faith, suffering and superstition. Many slaves suffered and died in and around the grounds of the Myrtles, while deaths from shootings and disease took the lives of the home's residents. Rumored to be built on top of a Native American burial ground, the Myrtles is said to be home to at least 12 entities, according to ghost hunters. One such entity carries the name of 'Chloe,' a slave girl whose sad history and story involved desperation and betrayal, which lead to her death on the plantation grounds. Today, hauntings on the grounds range from ghostly images in photographs, footsteps on stairs, objects that vanish or move on their own, and a mirror which becomes continuously stained with mysterious handprints, even after the glass is changed out...

Main Scent notes are: Magnolia Blossoms, Lily of the Valley, Olive Leaves, Spanish Moss, fifteen year aged Dark Patchouli, and a little touch of the Spirit Accord.


Haunted Bayou™ Perfume Oil:

Inspired by the Jefferson Hotel

Resting near the Big Cypress Bayou, and not far from the eerie Caddo Lake, is the memorable and haunted Jefferson Hotel. Its namesake, the east Texas town of Jefferson, is considered to be the most haunted town in the state, if not the entire country. Originally built in 1851 and used as a cotton warehouse, the Jefferson Hotel grew as the town was developing as a major port city in the years leading up to the Civil War. The economy of Jefferson collapsed when plans to clear a log jam backfired, and the tragic ensuring loss and despair may account for this town's mysterious and ghostly heritage. In the 1920s, the building became a hotel known as the Crystal Palace, and many a couple danced the night away to the sounds of jazz and ragtime.

Today, the hotel staff welcomes guests with a genteel manner. While the lovely décor and antique furnishings welcome those who stay at the hotel, it is the supernatural which leaves guests with memories, and incentives to stay. Many who have visited have reported noises (including music), sightings of full body apparitions, loud banging, voices and orbs in photographs. The beautiful staircase seems to be a hot-spot of paranormal activity as well, although each room in the hotel has its own specific stories of the supernatural. It's unlikely any one who stays there will not come away with an unusual story of their visit.

Main scent notes are: Cypress, Oakwood, Jasmine, Creamy Vanilla Pods, Clove, Dried Fruits, and a little touch of the Spirit Accord.


The Haunted Inns Perfume Series™ has been my fascinating joint venture with "Granny Becky," a young step grandmother and great-grandmother, who loves to travel with her husband. She has a penchant for the historical, unusual and rustic and has gravitated towards "haunted inns" for their beauty, history and location. However, she cannot confirm, or deny, that these locations are haunted but they are indeed fascinating. We worked together on these ideas for almost a year, discussing perfume notes, names, and the aura and events surrounding each Inn. I have sincerely enjoyed creating perfumes embodying the historical and unique nature of each location, Haunted or not. Each scent has a tiny bit of an accord dubbed the "spirit accord" that I created to tie all the perfumes together. ---Cat Marx


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Vegan: Honey, leather, and musk notes are always a high quality synthetic or plant based substitutes. All perfumes are also free of carmine.

Cruelty-Free: I never test my products on animals and never will. All of my sources for scent notes and carrier oils have pledged to be non-animal testing companies forever.

Preservative Free: There are no harmful parabens, phthalates, or alcohol in my perfume oils.

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