LEGENDS Of The GRAIL PERFUME Sample Set - Medieval Perfume - Merlin - King Arthur - Pendragon - Avalon

LEGENDS Of The GRAIL PERFUME Sample Set - Medieval Perfume - Merlin - King Arthur - Pendragon - Avalon LEGENDS Of The GRAIL PERFUME Sample Set - Medieval Perfume - Merlin - King Arthur - Pendragon - Avalon LEGENDS Of The GRAIL PERFUME Sample Set - Medieval Perfume - Merlin - King Arthur - Pendragon - Avalon
LEGENDS Of The GRAIL PERFUME Sample Set - Medieval Perfume - Merlin - King Arthur - Pendragon - Avalon
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LEGENDS Of The GRAIL PERFUME Oil Sample Set of 5 vials

Perfume samples come in a little black fabric bag. All of these samples ar available in my shop in full 1/3 oz (9 mls) amber roll on bottles. Please see scent descriptions below.

I have formulated the scents to each contain an element of another in the set, tying them together in a special way. The scents are all very different, yet complement each other in many ways and can also be worn together should the wearer be thus inclined.


PENDRAGON Perfume Oil:

A Legend, a Hero, a King. Strong, brooding, ever masculine, and ever deep in thought. Sensual, powerful, and earthy, Arthur, the "great Bear" whose quest for the healing of the land will forever be told of in tales and poems. This is a very earthy scent that speaks of the wild woods, incensed stone halls, and the isle of Avalon. A trio of sensual woods, spikenard, resinous Dragon's Blood, and a light misting of apples to honor the Lady and add sensuality. This dramatic fragrance is dedicated to my wonderful Husband! The perfume tends towards the masculine, but women enjoy this also.



Sir Launcelot du Lac, the most trusted of Arthur Pendragon's Knights and seeker of the Holy Grail; virtuous, yet flawed by his deep love for the King's wife, Gwenhwyfar. In legends, he was known as the most perfect of knights in word and deed, yet the once pure love he bore the Queen ends in passion and the downfall of the great kingdom. Soft, sad, lilies, spikenard, saddle leather, and smoky resins define the scent that is Launcelot du Lac. This scent has a floral note, but is meant for both sexes to enjoy.



A woman loved by two strong men, Arthur Pendragon High King of Britain, and Launcelot du Lac, the King's Champion. Legends and varied stories abound of this great and beautiful queen whose tragic love triangle still touches hearts today. Gwenhwyfar's scent is a beautiful blend of: three different Lilies, soft florals, dragon's blood, and a soft caress of the palest musk. Beautiful, melancholy, and haunting.


SANGREAL™ Perfume Oil:

Comprised of the word San and Graal, Sangreal has come to mean: Holy Grail, and also Blood Stone. The Holy Grail, long sought after in legend by Arthur Pendragon and his Knights of the Round Table. This perfume blend is a rich floral and resin blend that will sweep your senses into the time of legends of kings, maidens, and knights and make you feel as though you have walked into a medieval chamber. Three very different red and black roses, enigmatic dragon's blood, and a magical combination of other sacred resins and woods make for a scent that is rich and long lasting. The perfume tips towards the feminine side of the scale, but it is a deep enough rose scent that it can be worn by both sexes. This is a wonderful blend.


AVALON MYST™ Perfume Oil:

"Come, My Lady, and part the Veil." Avalon, the Isle of Apples, where the great King Arthur Pendragon was taken by the Lady of the Lake to heal until a time when the land shall need the king again. A beautiful and haunting feminine blend of vetiver, oakmoss, soft patchouli, ivy and greenery, finished very lightly with fresh apple, and sensual soft florals. May you be blessed and renewed.


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