MYSTICAL LANDS™ Perfume Sample Set - Exotic Perfume - Mystical Perfume - Ancient Perfume - Three Sample Vials

MYSTICAL LANDS™ Perfume Sample Set - Exotic Perfume - Mystical Perfume - Ancient Perfume - Three Sample Vials MYSTICAL LANDS™ Perfume Sample Set - Exotic Perfume - Mystical Perfume - Ancient Perfume - Three Sample Vials
MYSTICAL LANDS™ Perfume Sample Set - Exotic Perfume - Mystical Perfume - Ancient Perfume - Three Sample Vials
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MYSTICAL LANDS™ Perfume Oil Sample Set: Set of three vials:

Set Includes:

ATLANTIS™Perfume Oil

LEMURIA™Perfume Oil

SHANGRI-LA™Perfume Oil

Each scent is very different, mystical, and enchanting and are available in full 1/3 oz (9 ml) roll-on bottles in my shop. Descriptions follow below.

Each sample is 1 ml and comes in a little amber glass vial with a plastic stopper and label. 


ATLANTIS™ Perfume Oil:

How many tales and legends have been told of the lost continent of Atlantis? It has been mentioned in antiquity by Plato and Solon, associated with tales of the great flood and earthquakes, made popular by humanists during the Renaissance, made popular again in the 20th century by psychic Edgar Cayce, and told of in romantic novels of modern day. Some take it to be an allegory and others a genuine lost civilization or powerful city state that sunk into the ocean during a great misfortune. Perhaps we will never know for sure and Atlantis will always lie in a shroud of myth. We could imagine though, what the pre-Hellenic markets, temples, and gardens might have been like as we walk in our mind's eye through the ancient land....

Fragrant spices, sandalwood, and frankincense blend smoothly into a heavenly mix of soft aquatic florals, three glorious musks, light vanilla, ozone, and freshly fallen dew. Magical!


LEMURIA™ Perfume Oil:

Lemuria is the mythical counterpart to Atlantis that was believed to have been located in between the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean near the Ring of Fire, a place known for volcanic and earthquake activity. Mythic accounts of Lemuria differ, but all writings refer to it as a continent during ancient times that sank into the sea following a huge cataclysmic disaster, much like it's Atlantic counterpart.

Perhaps in dreams it was a place of great beauty, spirituality, and simplicity. Sitting on the beach, one might have been able to detect in their surroundings: Aquatic florals brightened and heightened by sunflowers, Persian melons mixed with other lush tropical fruits, a light touch of a softer patchouli, and finally a dusting of coriander. Sweetly familiar, yet mysterious.


SHANGRI-LA™ Perfume Oil:

Shangri-la, the mythical kingdom hidden deep in the Himalayas, was the idyllic utopia sought after by Eastern and Western explorers alike. It was hidden valley of breathtaking beauty and regal temples, a people rooted in simplicity and meditative ritual... truly an exotic earthy paradise sought after in dream after dream.

Experience harmony as you enter a land scented with sweet cherry blossoms, delicate rice flowers, soft champa flowers, eastern spices, sandalwoods, and lychee fruits. This goes on as a soft floral with a soft spice on the dry down. Ethereal, sweet, and exotic.


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