The Wild Night™Halloween Perfume Sampler Set #4 - Halloween Perfume - Gothic Perfume - Fall Fragrance

The Wild Night™Halloween Perfume Sampler Set #4 - Halloween Perfume - Gothic Perfume - Fall Fragrance The Wild Night™Halloween Perfume Sampler Set #4 - Halloween Perfume - Gothic Perfume - Fall Fragrance The Wild Night™Halloween Perfume Sampler Set #4 - Halloween Perfume - Gothic Perfume - Fall Fragrance
The Wild Night™Halloween Perfume Sampler Set #4 - Halloween Perfume - Gothic Perfume - Fall Fragrance
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The Wild Night™ Halloween Perfume Sampler Set:

Set includes 1ml sample vials of the following FIVE scents:

Grimalkin™ Perfume Oil

Scarecrow Crossing™ Perfume Oil

Incantation™ Perfume Oil

Willowisp™ Perfume Oil

Wildwood™ Perfume Oil

Each sample is 1 ml and comes in a little amber glass vial with a plastic stopper and label. They come packaged in a little black organza gift bag.

All samples are available in full size roll-on bottles in my shop.


Grimalkin™ Perfume Oil:

He watches costumed children from his perch on high, eyes flickering in the light of an all souls moon. His mistress’s voice calls to him on the warm autumn breeze, carrying with it familiar scents of home. He meows softly and vanishes.

Familiar, rich and earthy notes of butter rum, pumpkins, cream, dried oak leaves and mocha coffee with background notes of sage, moss, earth and dried currants…. Comforting, eerie and enchanting.


Scarecrow Crossing™ Perfume Oil:

She walks the crossroad, staff in hand, tracing patterns in the dirt to keep strange spirits off the roads. The scarecrow catches her eye. Did it move? She mutters a charm to keep it from following her home. A cackle carried on the wind reminds her of her duty, and she is off to the next crossing.

Acorns, hay, dried leaves, and soil, with background notes of licorice, spiced candies, and very dark and strange places.


Incantation™ Perfume Oil:

An incantation, a plea … the elven sorceress opens the oddly patterned and greatly worn book. The smells of the leather and aged paper mix with the autumn scents of dried leaves and a love long past. Willing him to return to a new time and a place he was taken from long ago…she raises her arms to the sky, and begins.

She can recall the scents of her human wizard beloved: Old leather, aged paper, dried leaves, wormwood, and the tiniest notes of dark evening dew.


Willowisp™ Perfume Oil:

The ghostie lights will pull ye in, so dinna be lurking about the woods and marshes when the moon is dark. Tis a fool who sees the false joy and beauty, the tastiness of it all…it will lead ye from the safest path!

But wouldn’t it be fun to be led astray anyway? YUM! Dark chocolate, cinnamon wood, fresh apples, light woods, and Egyptian amber make for an atmospheric treat!


Wildwood™ Perfume Oil:

Balanced notes of: Pumpkin bread, incense and resins, acorns, dried apple and orange peels, and faint notes of a fading bonfire….an homage to all things comforting, warm, orange, and bright.

“WILD WOOD”, by John Keske, copyright 2013. Used with permission of the author, for use by Deep Midnight Perfumes ONLY.

Little orange riding hood

Riding through the wild wood

Running from the demon dread

Bringing Gran some pumpkin bread.

Eyes that follow through the night

Eyes that shine with orange light.

Hoofbeats pound around the bend

Hunted softly in the wind.

In the cottage drawing near

Gran had lit a fire there.

Windows glowed with orange warm

Warding travelers from harm.

Horse and rider turned to stand

Orange fire in her hand.

In the shadow demon dread

Turned into the night and fled.

In the doorway Gran now stood

Taking rider’s little hood.

On the door she marked the rune

Underneath the orange moon.


These scents debuted in the Deep Midnight Perfumes line in August 2013.

All perfumes are available in my shop in full 9ml (1/3 oz.) frosted cobalt blue roll-on bottles.

BACKGROUND is a prop only, but if you like it, you can find more fun Halloween items here at Ghostgap! Folk painting created by Julia Chibatar of Ghostgap.

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Deep Midnight Perfumes are:

Hand Blended: I create all of my perfumes myself with love and care, using my own original formulas. I use the finest essential and/or fragrance oils and organic jojoba oil (the gold standard of carrier oils) for superior skin absorption and longevity of the shelf life of the scent.

Vegan: Honey, leather, and musk notes are always a high quality synthetic or plant based substitutes. All perfumes are also free of carmine.

Cruelty-Free: I never test my products on animals and never will. All of my sources for scent notes and carrier oils have pledged to be non-animal testing companies forever.

Preservative Free: There are no harmful parabens, phthalates, or alcohol in my perfume oils.

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