Women of the Weird™ — Halloween Perfume Sample Set — Perfume Samples

Women of the Weird™ — Halloween Perfume Sample Set — Perfume Samples Women of the Weird™ — Halloween Perfume Sample Set — Perfume Samples
Women of the Weird™ — Halloween Perfume Sample Set — Perfume Samples
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Women of the Weird™ Halloween Perfume Sample Set

This 5 sample set features tales of weird women, some sinister, some playful, and some just trying to survive.

Each perfume oil comes in a 1 ml amber vial with a label and plastic stopper.

These perfumes are also available in the shop in full size 9 ML roll-on bottles.

This set includes:



Margot raced through the castle halls, fleeing the creature shrouded in inky darkness. She reached the chapel loft and silently shut the door, hoping to evade it. Slowing her breathing, she listened intently. To her horror, a hissing whispered behind her as the creature apparated through space. It grabbed her and flung her toward the pews below. However, Margot had tricks of her own. She reached out and gathered a wisp of darkness which swirled around her, coalescing into great black wings that arrested her fall. Swiftly she flew, crashing through the stained glass and into the night beyond.

Main notes of: Blueberry, Fig, Tea, Vanilla



It takes a special thief to go undetected even by the undead. Her secret? She did it in her dreams. Agnes crept up the lightless path to the haunted house, slipping between patches of moonlight. The front door was picked in seconds, and she raced up the stairs to the lady's bedroom, many glowing eyes just missing her on her way. Once inside, she made haste to the jewelry box on the dresser, again opened in seconds. She plucked the amulet from within, just as the baleful eyes of the lady of the house landed on her. "Goodbye, mother," Agnes said as she vanished, returning to herself, her inheritance in hand.

Main notes of: Pear, Raspberry, Coconut Milk, Tomato Leaf



The water nymph of the tributaries that fed into the main stream of the agricultural town was well known to pick off workers and others in the low light of dusk. But sometimes she could be satiated with offerings of fruits and sweets. The girl knew this, so when Cynthia appeared suddenly before her on the path home, she reached into her pocket and shakily held out a handful of dates. Cynthia regarded the girl for a moment, then smiled, took the offering, and was gone.

Main notes of: Pineapple, Lemon, Pumpkin, Date, Brown Sugar



The couple started date night at the coffee shop. The barista with strange eyes served up their hot chocolates with a grin. Later, their server at the restaurant gave them an offputting wink. She seemed familiar, but the couple weren't really paying attention. The ticket taker and concession operator both gave the couple a knowing smile, which unnerved them, but how closely did they really look at people? Not very. Luckily, they had the theater to themselves. After the show, the lights came up, and the couple looked around in horror to see every seat occupied by that girl with the strange eyes. All of them turned to the couple in unison and smiled.

Main notes of: Hazelnut, Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Peanut Butter



The bonfire crackled in the crisp night air. The couple sipped their floats contentedly. A girl approached them. "Would you like to make your drinks... dangerous?" The couple smiled at each other. "Sure." Edith swirled her hands in the air, gathering fire from the bonfire, and shaped a ferris wheel made of flame. A seat scooped up the couple and lifted them high into the night.

Main notes of: Sassafras, Butterscotch, Ice Cream, Marshmallow


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